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Brewing great music and sound. Indonesian company based in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Our Services

Blue Magic offers a full service in audio production cycle.
From voice over, music composite and scoring sound recording for Film, TV and Digital Commercials & Corporate Videos.

Music Production

Compose and produce original music for commercial, TV and any type of music release.

Voice Over and Dialogue Recording

Provide quality recording studio and talents for voice over and dialogue recording.

Sound Design & Foley

Create and reproduce everyday/imaginative sounds to empower your message.

Mixing and Mastering

Putting the magic into the sound to embodied the right message, emotions and balanced sound shape, ready for broadcast.

Our Team


A self-taught multi instrumentalist music composer, producer, and entrepreneur.

Obtained his formal degrees in Business from Singapore and Music Production from London. With experience over 19 years in music and performing arts industry, combining his music Studio, G Studio along with Blue Magic's founding partners, Giaza aim to brought international creative music minds with local magic.


An all around musician and businessman.

Equipped with his degree in Business from Atma Jaya University and his passion and multi talent in music, Brendley has been a self employed and music entrepreneur since 2014.

Long list of accomplishment in music composing, Brendley has it's depth in scoring tunes.

Scoring tunes that matches the vision for your brand.
Let’s make lasting sound memories!